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Tales of the Nether Veil
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Al's Writings (Circa 2000 A.D.)

Al's Political Writings
Preamble Axed in Corporate Takeover
Time Bandits: The Forty-Hour Work Week
Bill Kiesgen: Response to Time Bandits
What We Did to Michigan
Texas: The Execution State
A Suspicious Election
The War Against Women: Voting in the United States
The Electoral College (with Reverend Mike)
Gun Control and the Constitution
Coalition Building
An Open Letter to the Baby Boomers
Nader Rally Address
Forces of Evil Declare Victory
Capitolism and Democracy
Al's Inspirational Writings
Thank You, Kathey
Serendipitous Synchronicity: Chance Encounter
Serendipitous Synchronicity: The Tarot Cards
Chrisitan Insults

Other Writings
SUVs: The American Obsession with Gluttony
The Next Time...
Air Pollution
Forwards: How to Copy & Paste
Authoritarian Values
Lex 2000
Learned Hatred
Reaching Out: Neighbors