THE SCOOP International

4/12/4/2 North Korean Family Wins Camping Trip
4/12/4/6 Father ♡ Announces Global LARP and ☮T Awards
4/12/4/7 Father Christmas Announces Retirement
5/1/0/0 Smuggler's Conviction Overturned
5/1/0/0 Extra! Victory Achieved in War on Terror
5/1/0/1 Purpose of Blood Sacrifices Discovered
5/1/0/2 Jesus Sets Example for ☮T Kid
5/1/0/4 ☮T Kid Understands Bible from Grammar Study
5/1/0/5 ☮T♂♀ Set to Bust Drug War
5/1/0/6 Osgood Hall Law School Sluts Investigated
5/1/0/6 Extra! The 2.73-Billion-Dollar Answer
5/1/0/7 Author Dies
5/1/1/1 Rogue Caused Author’s Death
5/1/1/3 Author Returns from Death
5/1/1/5 Author Relates Message from Iesus
5/6/1/6 Superhero Retires

Historical Documents
Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas
Proper Gun Control