Since 1982, Shriekback has released an enormous variety of records, cassettes, CDs, videocassettes, and various other products. The plethora of products has been maddening for collectors over the years. Attempting to complete a simple collection of Shriekback's music has proved to be a very difficult task. This has been further complicated by the promotional products, some of which contain music available nowhere else and some of which contain only one track that is readily avialable on other products. The most egregious cases are the singles of Hand on My Heart and Fish Below the Ice, each of which boasts no less than six different versions between 7" and 12" releases. There are actually five different mixes of Fish Below the Ice floating around out there and at least seven different mixes of Hand on My Heart.

No attempt has been made by any record company to fully compile those releases, and indeed the compilations further confuse the situation. 'The Infinite,' the first attempt at compilation was originally released as an LP with no indication that it was a compilation. It was then rereleased as 'The Best of Shriekback Volume One - The Infinite' and was followed the next year by 'The Best of Shriekback Volume Two - Evolution.' Both of these disks were then combined later into a collection named 'Natural History.' In 2001, Y Records rereleased the same material again, this time as the first disk of a two-disk set called 'The Y Records Years.' The second disk contained material which had not previously been released on CD. Thus, completists have been pushed to perpetually repurchase the same material again and again, yet a fair amount of Shriekback material still exists only on vinyl (and one track only on cassette).

The discography contained on this site is by no means an attempt to catalogue every variant of every record. That task is being tackled by Mr. Phil Hetherington at The Shriekback Pages . He has done an admirable job, yet in preparing these pages for my own amusement, I have discovered two variant records not listed by Mr. Hetherington. These variations are exceptionally minor, but they indicate that the full truth of Shriekback's releases still eludes the most persistent site on the web for Shriekback information.

One intention is to include on this site some indication of every different mix or recording of a Shriekback track that has been released for public consumption. Some other items of special interest have been included as well, but the surfer should be aware that more complete information is available at The Shriekback Pages. Furthermore, a strong intention is to make as much use of hypertext links as possible. Thus, when a song is listed, the user can simply click on the name of the song to be taken directly to the lyrics page. Each song page in turn links the user to every release upon which that song appears.