This page is updated irregularly. Check shriekback.com for the most recent information.

I am not a dealer. However, as a fan of Shriekback, it is my desire to spread the joy and mystery of this music. There is no such thing as convenient one-stop shopping for Shriekback items. What follows is a guide to accumulating a wondrous Shriekback collection:

If your ears can tolerate the low-fidelity sound of MP3s, go to iTunes for:

Island Records
  • Oil & Gold
  • Big Night Music
  • Go Bang!
  • The Dancing Years
  • Malicious Damage
    Cormorant 2008
    Glory Bumps
    Sacred City
    Life in the Loading Bay
    Barry Andrews
    Haunted Box of Switches
    Stic Basin
    Anaxaton6 - Juju Grid

    Check with Malicious Damage for CDs of:

    Life in the Loading Bay Glory Bumps Cormorant 2008

    Murray Young's "Lost Album" used to be available at TuneTribe.com but appears to have been discontinued.

    To the best of my knowledge, all other Shriekback CDs and vinyls are now out of print. Check with resellers. For best listening results, invest in a turntable, and stick with vinyl.

    SEPTEMBER, 2014
    A VERY LIMITED run of Jam Science along with Hatfield Polytechnic is being prepared in digipack CD format.

    Quite a large catalogue of very special Shriekback recordings used to be available on CD-R. I have received several email confirmations that this is no longer the case. The following list is maintained merely for reference. It is my understnading that the items are no longer obtainable (at least from that source).

    Not currently available:
  • Jam Science
  • Oil & Gold
  • Demonstration
  • Aberrations
  • 2 Live Shows
  • Hatfield Polytechnic
  • Vicissitudes
  • Over the Wire
  • New 2 Berlin
  • Secrets of the City
  • Having a Moment
  • Eggs 'n' Extras
  • Barry Andrews: "And If I Refuse..."
  • Barry Andrews: Haunted Box of Switches
  • Barry Andrews: Midnight Caliope (film music)
  • Stic Basin
  • Thee Caretakers: Thee Caretakers
  • Restaurant for Dogs: Addressing Neglected Wounds
  • Illuminati: Thunder Among the Lilies & Lowlands