Lined Up

Tired of all this crawling around
Realising the joke was on us
Reaching out to the obvious
Starting with an answer not a question
Our most acceptable businesses
All aligned in just one direction
Organised on the same lines
With one face - one side

We got all lined up (x 3)
All lined up (x 2)

Back at the all night party
We're getting clearer all the time
Refined to one shape - frozen like crystal
It has the symmetry of perfect design
One line leads to another
They cross at the corners run straight at the sides
It reads the same way in any direction
Two red circles and a thick black spine


Let it fall into place we could tie it to a tree
We could point it at you we could make it a habit
We could leave it outside or we could give it our food
Understand it or we could ignore it

Holding all our past in the one hand
We showed those people in a way they understand
Shiny little eyes on a big red bus
The ones we point at work for us
One sharp point between distinction
Going this way for X amount of time
Frame - line - and convergence
From the first to the final
This intention is mine

(Chorus) (x 2)

Released on:
  • Care UK, US
  • Lined Up 7", 12"
  • Lined Up/My Spine 7", 12", 12" pic. disk
  • Fish Below the Ice 7" double, 12" double
  • The Infinite
  • Jungle of the Senses
  • The Dancing Years (Deeply Lined Up)
  • Priests and Kanibals - The Best of...
  • Natural History - The Very Best of...
  • The Y Records Years (disco mix)
  • Vicissitudes (live)
  • 2 Live Shows
  • Instumental released on:
  • Lined Up 12"

  • The Y Records Years

  • Most of the lyrcal information on this site was
    shamelessly lifted from Phil Hetherington's
    Shriekback Pages .