Invisible Rays
I had a dream I walked the desert
I saw a virgin and a lion
They took me to the holy mountain
And showed to me all of these signs
I saw the fire upon the water
I saw the blight upon the land
I walked ten thousand miles to tell you
The things I saw are now at hand

Jihad, invisible rays
Killing boxes, cold fire
Number war, the woman of gold
Hard shadow, broken light

They took the god child from the cradle
They built the tower on the shore
They killed the king and took his young wife
And gave her fortune to the whore
You who hear me now bear witness
These words come not a day too soon
Your tears will fall like flowing rivers
Upon the waters of the moon

(Chorus) (x 2)

Released on:
  • Naked Apes and Pond Life
  • Demonstration

  • Most of the lyrcal information on this page was taken from Phil Hetherington's Shriekback Pages .