Hooray for Everything
it is a miracle, though I'm empirical
fairly hysterical, most of the time
when they are analysed, some cock-ups justified are
Nelson's Column-sized, but we don't mind

in every way...

you couldn't make it up, there's every kind of stuff
so let's be glad enough for every day

sometimes there's odium up on the podium
the lights are sodium when nighttime falls
out come the sybarites and all their acolytes
with all their appetites, they have a ball

not parsimonious and sounds euphonious
could be erroneous, we cannot say
you mustn't worry now cos what's the hurry now?
the beer and curry now, can last all day


all riled up: the fire in the belly
all ends up as lights on the telly
I don't even, can't begin to know just what it means
what we want's a whole lot of welly
lining up for licks at the jelly
I'm amazed and grazed and crazed
by everything I've seen

the proletarian, the Rastafarians, septuagenrians
- you know their kind
they had a rotten time, but here's the bottom line
now that they're friends of mine I'm feeling fine

I'm not censorious, it's all so glorious:
Good Guys victorious forever more
what might be scarier: it could get larier
was a grey area but now we're sure


Hooray for everything...
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