Our time has come, age of the hammerhead
This is our mission, to be the daleks of God
Too late for silence, too late for anything
It's all too much for me, its roots go down too deep for me

A punishing fire, an animal frenzy
These hammerhead people know what danger is for
You let them in and now they're everywhere
If it's mineral or vegetable it's back a little up a little

Chorus 1:
Shout, push, hammerheads, bold and resolute
Marching, balancing, in too far to go back
Yes, yes, hammerheads, swimming, kissing
We are big and clever and we don't know anything

Purification by immersion in our filthy demon seed
We know the only things you like are paranoid sex and childish greed
Our own worst enemies, they hollowed us out of wood
Look at all the grease inside us, gonna get us this time but good
Whether we pull it out or push it in it all ends up the same
You know a hammerhead is a hammerhead by any other name

(Chorus 1)

Chorus 2:
Onward hammerheads, bright and dangerous
Jumping running in the field and factory
God save hammerheads, keeping going
We are sleek and special and we're sure of something

Blessed are the apemen
Blessed are the shit kickers
Blessed are the jack hammers
Blessed is the big damage
Blessed are the faith healers
Blessed are the moon walkers
Blessed are the snake people
Blessed are the heat seekers...

Shout, push, hammerheads
Yes, yes, hammerheads

(Chorus 1) (x 2) (Chorus 2)

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  • Most of the lyrcal information on this page was
    taken from Phil Hetherington's
    Shriekback Pages .