Give It a Name

Celia has a test tomorrow courage
Celia is an arbiter of taste
And I will work that wrist tonight in earnest
No part of the bison we will waste
Everybody's scared to break the silence
Everybody feel it in their [gleam]

I will make the willows dry
I won't be ... [?]
And all the usual terms apply
Give it a name
Give it a name

I will get my confidence together
I will wrestle out the hands of love
I will steer Jake and his whispers
I will get my orders from above
Everybody sins and no one listens
There are those ... [?] ... died in vain

Oh, the sedatives ... [?]
All of our motives just a lie
It is a lousy business
Let's give it a name
Give it a name

I will take the state of things for granted
I will be exciting to the touch
I could take my stroll upon the waters
No one there admires it all that much
You could spend a lifetimes compensating
You could loiter in the halls of fame
Let's get the dolphin nice and bright
And get some sleep upon the flight
It's an electrical delight
Give it a name

There is a stack of horrors here
There is a purpose to the fear
I will blush to interfere
Give it a name
Give it a name
Give it a name
Give it a name

Released on:
Life in the Loading Bay: Thespian Assortment