5th of August 9:47 AM and Kevin Patterson leaves his flat in Stockwell, South London.
He buys chewing gum at the kiosk of Stockwell tube station
Kevin chews on the way on his journey to the west.
10:50 AM and Kevin spits his gum upon the pavement in Jerrycross Road.
11:05 Mrs. Adwa Ndoube en route to meet her sister's friend for lunch, treads on the gum.
Unknowingly, she takes it to the restaurant on the sole of her shoe,
and still unknowingly at 12:15 she scrapes it off on the restaurant floor.
6:15 Francesco Gardinelli closes up and sweeps the floor in this, his restuarant,
and here upon the bristles of his heavy broom the gum holds fast.
And here remains 'til the 25th October 7:03 when Francesco's brother
Paulo's broom lets go the gum once more upon the floor,
for it no longer clings the way it used to.
Next day, 26th October at 8:15 AM Kevin Patterson enters the restuarant
for a take-away cappucino with two sugars and a beef and salad raft.
At 8:18 and Kevin - Kevin - Kevin treads upon his erstwhile gum
and leaves the restaurant - and leaves the restuarant - and leaves the restaurant
with it adhering to the sole - to the sole - to the sole of his shoe.
Released on:
  • Secrets of the City