Faded Flowers
This is the sound of poisons
The sickness no one knows
No one is crying for us this time
Our shapes are blurring under miracles of snow
Weave a circle round him three times
You have to plan your moves at these times
Our hearts are breaking
One more song to go

Chorus 1:
These eyes are blind
This is a pure thing
These hands I kiss
Tragic as anything
These eyes are blind
This is a pure thing
All splash and hiss
Beyond my measuring

Only the anacrucis
The main event remains
Shameful and naked, out there in the
Great cold outdoors
We have to do these things again
Bathe in this incandescent glow
The leap to something I don't know
There is no doubt upon us when
The greasy men come back again

(Chorus 1)

Chorus 2:
These faded flowers
Precious as memory
A veil of cloud
Correct as energy
We had some good machines
But they don't work no more
I loved you once
Don't love you anymore

(Chorus 1)

(Chorus 2)

Released on:
  • Oil & Gold

  • The Dancing Years (live)

  • Most of the lyrcal information on this page was
    taken from Phil Hetherington's
    Shriekback Pages .