(This is the messiest one of all being that there is only a poor live recording available for listening.
I typed what I think I heard, but I am sure that some of what I typed is wrong.)
pricking his ears up
mixing with a rope pile
no device at all
history's not on his side
putting his hand up
mixing how he was here
not at all serious
knowing that this night is had

do a labor drive
it's the same old devil
it sound all the same
on a mystic level
has to shout it out
no one gets round this one
it's the signal
feeling like this time right is on his side

Released on:
  • Aberrations 81-4
  • Alternative Mixes and Live
  • 2 Live Shows
  • serruptitious signs
    unexplained decisions
    please express the word
    in all it's symbolisms
    pain and erudite
    causing their petitions
    even sex hold
    is at his existence

    spray with chemistry
    that's right no protection
    where he's coming from
    is beyond reflection
    shot right through the guy
    he's not always fucking
    how's it feel this time
    know when God feels life raise his hand

    gonna clean this house
    gonna clean that car
    gotta write these things down
    you can do this for us