Hand on My Heart 12" Test Pressing
shrk 221 (undated)

1. Hand On My Heart (5:48)

  • Dave Allen
  • Barry Andrews
  • Carl Marsh

  • Martyn Barker

  • Additional:
  • Emma Burnham
  • Linda Nevill
  • John Canham
  • Ian Caple (guitars)
  • Paul "Groucho"
    (Backing Vocals)
  • Phil Butcher (Bass)
  • Luc Van Acke
  • 1-sided 12" White Label Promo: shrk 221 (Undated)
    Note: Track details and catalogue number are given on a sticker on the sleeve only. Also note that this promo is simply a 1-sided test pressing of 12" SHRK 121.

    Most of the discography information on this page was taken from Phil Hetherington's Shriekback Pages .