Lined Up 7"
Y Records Y102 (1983)

1. Lined Up (3:46)
2. Hapax Legomena (4:00)

  • Dave Allen
  • Barry Andrews
  • Carl Marsh

  • Additional:
  • Carlos Asciutti
  • Pedro Ortiz
  • Martyn Barker
  • Jo Oerton
  • Chris Rowley
  • Martin Parker
  • Ian Caple
  • Phil Allen
  • Brian Nevill
  • Emma Burnham
  • Richard Pimlott
  • Marv Slack
  • Vivienne Kent
  • Toby Cummings

  • 7": Y Records Y102 (1983)
    Dutch 7": Y/Sound Products Y102 (1983)
    Scandinavian 7": Y/Mistlur Y102 (1983)
    Australian 7" promo: Y Records K-9100 (1983)
    Australian 7": Y Records/Festival K9100 (1983)
    The sleeve erroneously lists the B-side as 'Inept'. According to Barry this was the working title for what became 'Hapax Legomena', chosen because initially everyone played instruments they couldn't play (Barry: guitar, Carl: keyboards, Dave: violin). (Subsequently though they overdubbed percussion (Martyn) and piano (Barry).)
    South African 7" promo: Reaction ACT 5 (1983)
    No sleeve so assumed to be a promo. Country of origin not stated anywhere on record label. B-side listed on record label as 'Inept' but presumed to be 'Hapax Legomena' as above.

    Most of the discography information on this page was taken from Phil Hetherington's Shriekback Pages .