Shriekback 1983
# Type Name Format Matrix # Date
1 Album Care LP Y LP 502
2 Album Care CD D 19728
3 Album Care (US version) LP 9 23874-1
4 Album Care Cassette YK 502
5 Promo Shriekback 12" PRO-A-2048
6 Single Lined Up 7" Y 102
7 Single Lined Up 12" YT 102
8 Single Working on the Ground 7" Y 104
9 Single Working on the Ground 12" YT 104
10 Double-A Single Lined Up/My Spine 7" Y 106
11 Double-A Single Lined Up/My Spine 12" YT 106
12 Double-A Single My Spine/Lined Up picture disk 12" YT 106P
13 V/A Compilation NME Racket Packet Cassette NME 006

1983 Was a banner year for Shriekback. Their first true album, Care, was unleashed upon the public. Care came in a variety of forms. The UK LP is familar to many. The Dutch LP was slightly different in that the cover boasted green lettering instead of the otherwise ubiquitous yellow. A more radical departure was made when Y Records teamed up with Warner Brothers Records for the US LP of Care. 'Hapax Legomena' and 'In Amongst' were deleted and replaced with 'My Spine (is the Bassline)' and 'Accretions.' The cassette version featured all twelve songs with a remix of 'Accretions' which did not see the light of day again until Vicissitudes was released in 2002. A CD edition was released only in Australia for whatever reasons. A 7" single of 'Lined Up' from Care was released, and the US saw additional promotional material in the forms of a 'Lined Up' 12" and an additional promotional-only 12" containing three songs from the LP.

1983 was further distinguished with both 7" and 12" versions of the remarkable single, 'Working on the Ground.' Shriekback then began its tradition of producing a plethora of versions of the same single by combining 'Lined Up' with 'My Spine' to make a double-A single in 7", 12", and 12" picture disk versions. This process would accelerate through 1984 and 1985, making the hobby of collecting Shriekback records a somewhat delightful nightmare.

Shriekback contributed a remix of 'Mothloop' called 'Mothloop II' to the New Music Express V/A anthology, Racket Packet. Sadly, this lone track has seen release in no other format.

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