Shriekback 1982
# Type Name Format Matrix # Date
1 EP Tench EP Y 21 1982-07-23
2 Single Sexthinkone 7" Y 22 1982-06-12
3 Single Sexthinkone 12" Y USA 3 1982-06-12
4 Single My Spine (is the Bass Line) 7" Y 27
5 Single My Spine (is the Bass Line) 12" Y 12 27
6 V/A compilation Birth of the Y LP Y 33 1/3

Shriekback formed in 1981, but their initial recording releases did not come out until 1982. They began releasing records under the Dutch Y Records imprint, a company formed in 1980 by Disc O'Dell. Their first release was Sexthinkone, a single which, like most of Shriekback's singles, was released in both 7" and 12" formats. Three days later, on July 26th, Shriekback had its first Peel Session. Sexthinkone was soon followed by Tench, which by boasting six songs is really just an EP but is considered today to be Shriekback's first album. My Spine (is the Bass Line) - Shriekback's most oft-released song - followed, again in both 7" and 12" versions. The year's offerings were rounded out by the contribution of Despite Dense Weed to Birth of the Y, a Christmas album.

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