Authoritarian Values

From time to time, I am crtitical of those to whom I collectively refer as the Authoritarian Society and their associated values. One of these days, I will get around to building a full picture of what I take the culture of the Authoritarian Generation to mean. In the interim, I present the following Authoritarian values, all of which I reject:
  1. The person in whom authority has been invested is always right and always tells the truth.
  2. Anyone who questions the person in authority is to be socially, politically, and professionally ostracized.
  3. NEVER EVER rock the boat.
  4. Women are inferior to men. Period.
  5. The rights of the minority can always be sacrified in favor of the desires of the majority (Except in the case of women. See rule #4).
  6. Always blame the victim first, especially if that victim is non-white or female.
  7. Any person who deviates from mainstream society in any way shall be ostracized and is deserving of hatred and oppression.
  8. The needs of an individual are to be respected only on the following condition: the individual's needs are the same as the needs of the majority. Period.
  9. It's reasonable to fire, harrass, beat, or kill homosexuals simply because the majority chooses to hate and dehumanize them.